Honors & Awards


       Neural Reflectance Capture in the View-Illumination Domain

Kaizhang Kang, Minyi Gu, Cihui Xie, Xuanda Yang, Hongzhi Wu and Kun Zhou

To appear in IEEE TVCG


       Free-form Scanning of Non-planar Appearance with Neural Trace Photography

Xiaohe Ma, Kaizhang Kang, Ruisheng Zhu, Hongzhi Wu and Kun Zhou

ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2021), 40, 4 (Aug. 2021), 124.

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       Learning Efficient Photometric Feature Transform for Multi-view Stereo

Kaizhang Kang, Cihui Xie, Ruisheng Zhu, Xiaohe Ma, Ping Tan, Hongzhi Wu and Kun Zhou


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       Learning Efficient Illumination Multiplexing for Joint Capture of Reflectance and Shape

Kaizhang Kang, Cihui Xie, Chengan He, Mingqi Yi, Minyi Gu, Zimin Chen, Kun Zhou and Hongzhi Wu

ACM Trans. Graph. (Proc. SIGGRAPH Asia 2019), 38, 6 (Nov. 2019), 165.

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       Efficient Reflectance Capture Using an Autoencoder

Kaizhang Kang*, Zimin Chen*, Jiaping Wang, Kun Zhou and Hongzhi Wu ( *:Joint first authors)

ACM Trans. on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH 2018), 37, 4 (Aug. 2018), 127.

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Make low cost data glove with Raspberry Pi.